Since 2000, Personal History has worked with individuals, families, historical societies, schools, and organizations to preserve precious stories.

“We had my dad do a book signing and those who weren’t lining up for the signing were cuddled in various rooms around our house reading the book aloud to each other, laughing, tearing up, and reminiscing over the stories. All the grandchildren thanked me and told me how much it means to them to have the stories and photographs in a book. [read more]CS, Long Island, New York

“My brother delivered the book to my mother on her 80th birthday. She read it six times that day and I don’t know how many times the day after.
—JC, Stockton Springs, Maine

“You’ll never know the reach of this book. It is so beyond my expectations and so completely meets a need right now. My whole family sat around a big brunch table with Mom and read it and talked about it for hours! [read more]
—MS, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

“Can we have more books? There aren’t enough for all the people who want them!
—KL, East Blue Hill, Maine

“Would you be able to reproduce my husband’s journal from when he was a teenager?—BS, Somesville, Maine

“What a wonderful interview you did with my great aunt. I’ve known her all my life and didn’t know those things about her. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. This generation cannot possibly comprehend the hardships of Aunt E’s life and perhaps that’s a fortunate thing.
—YC, Colorado

“I can get drunk on this work.—JS, Dorado, Puerto Rico and Harrison, New York, after an interview session

“Your encouragement, commitment, and suggestions have made this process exciting and possible. I have learned more about myself and have a better appreciation for all the people in my life. Thanks, Donna, for taking an interest.
—RW, Carlsbad, California